Boltless vs Bolted Racks

Most of us have a storeroom in our house. Whether you are staying in HDB, Condo or Landed house, you will also need some storage space. Here is a guide to choosing your 1st storeroom rack. Or if you have already gotten one, here are some things you should take note of in the current market.

Boltless vs Bolted Rack

These bolted racks secure the standing leg frame to the shelves using bolt and nuts. These traditional bolt and nuts will rust over time and cause it to be weaken. Bolted rack takes up more staged space as they need to be screwed and fixed on site. It is tough for them to be dismantled easily due to its installation nature therefore, more sweat is needed to move the shelf to a different height. With that said, more rack owners are going for the alternative.

The common trend now are metal boltless racks. As the name suggests, a boltless rack needs no special equipment to be assembled. The polished, continuous lines of the racking system complemented by the clean finishes give an aesthetic appeal, which has contributed to their fame and reputation among suppliers even among office buildings and commercial center storage. They are made for anyone to DIY and easily connect the parts.

 ushape-metal-boltless-racks-with-drawers Boltless vs Bolted Racks
Ushaped Racks with Drawers
 boltless-lshape-4x3-config Boltless vs Bolted Racks
Lshape 4x3Panels Config
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