How to measure your storeroom to fit your storage rack

 Typical-BTO-4-room-floorplan How to measure your storeroom to fit your storage rack

We receive a lot of general inquiries on how to measure a typical storeroom rack, and to recommend the correct sizes of a storage rack for home use. For this article, we will use a typical 4 room BTO flat as an example. The storage room will be the HDB Bomb Shelter.

The HDB floor plan is just a guide for owners to make planning. Each storeroom or HDB Bomb Shelters defers in sizes. Physical floor to floor measurement is still required to sum up the correct measurement and planning to purchase the ideal storeroom rack.

Steps 1 – Make Measurement of the Wall

– Using the Layout, measure the Length of Wall A, B, C and D.

– Always take measurement from floor level, as some store room has skirting along the side wall. Measurement should be made from skirting to skirting floor.

– Always give some space, like 1cm or 2cm allowance, fitting a shelf tightly to space is not advisable.

– Most HDB ceiling is about 2.6 meter high, our storage rack has a standard height of 2 meters, so it usually fits well in all HDB storeroom.

– When you have switch box or circuit box in the store room, you may need to take that into consideration. For most cases, we just need to re-adjust the shelving just to avoid the Electrical Switch Box.

– You may proceed to step 2 if you like to plan your own storage rack positioning.

Below is a typical BTO 4 room Bomb Shelter Layout

 bomb-shelter-layout-3D How to measure your storeroom to fit your storage rack

Steps 2 – Decide on the first rack to fill Wall B  (for Eg Wall B is 125cm) of the storeroom

– We will always start with the shorter side of the wallwhich is Wall B. Decide what size can we fit on Wall B.

– Check our guide to our storeroom rack sizes.

– So Wall B will fit our first “Rack 1 MAIN”.

– Generally, on Wall B, we will select a smaller rack with a 45cm or 60cm depth. Do ensure the depth of Rack 1 MAIN do not exceed out of Wall C , that would protrude out of the doorway entrance. Preferable 45cm depth, so that we could put in a longer rack on Wall A – “Rack 2 EXT”.

 top-view-A How to measure your storeroom to fit your storage rack

Steps 3 – Decide on the second rack to fill Wall A (for Eg Wall A is 1800mm) of the storeroom

– Once you have decided on “Rack 1 MAIN”, the balance space on Wall A can be determined, and you can, therefore, decide on the size of “Rack 2 EXT”

– So Wall A balanced space shall fit “Rack 2 EXT”. Generally, if you have enough space, always go for a deeper 60cm depth storage rack.

 top-view-b How to measure your storeroom to fit your storage rack

Steps 4 – Review your Storeroom Racks and choose to MODIFY INTO LSHAPE (No Centre Obstruction Pole)

– Review whether if you change the size of “Rack 1 MAIN” (from 45cm to 60cm), if changed to 60cm then  “Rack 2 EXT” would be shorten to 120cm, is that what you want or comfortable?

Step 5 – Send us Floorplan for quote by whatapps or email to finalise checking.

– Once you have completed your measurement on Step 1, you may also hand us your measurement while we make a proposal of the best possible combination of rack option for your consideration. (Click Here to Submit Your Measurement)

– Email or SMS/Whatsapp to us your taken measurement, we would then send you a floor plan proposal of your installation with pricing.

We look forward to serving you and providing you the best storage solutions.

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