Single Metal Boltless Rack

 Shelving-for-Guitars-1-1024x768 Single Metal Boltless Rack

The standalone ECON Metal shelving is a  medium duty storage rack, a choice for simple and quick way to obtain storage space rightaway. A Single set of metal shelf installed for your storeroom will keep it neat and organised. Recommended shelving for use of various load sizes and require different interval spacing. Fully boltless rack design make it easy to allows different deckings which are classified according to the different weight load capacities and its an easy fast way to get things organised in place and adjust the deckings easily.

Boltless Metal shelf is also a perfect storage solutions which is commonly used in Office filing systems or commercial storage area. For more space coverage, try building Lshape/Ushape Shelving series to maximise usage.

No Drilling is required. Panels are galvanised metal and can take up to 200kg-250kg of uniformly distributed load.

Length Available: 900mm / 1050mm / 1200mm / 1350mm / 1500mm / 1650mm / 1800mm
Depth Available: 300mm / 450mm / 600mm
Height Available: 1840mm / 2140mm / 2440mm

Wood panels is also available.

 washing-machine-boltless-rack Single Metal Boltless Rack
 boltless-racks-for-home-groceries Single Metal Boltless Rack
 Home-Workdesk-Series-1 Single Metal Boltless Rack
Home WorkDesk Series
 Home-WorkDesk Single Metal Boltless Rack
Home WorkDesk with Clothes Hanger
 metal-rack-with-drawers Single Metal Boltless Rack
Metal Rack with Drawers
 Platform-Bed-with-storage-racks Single Metal Boltless Rack
Customise Platform Storage Bed
 black-color-racks-lshape-768x1024 Single Metal Boltless Rack
Black Lshaped Shelving
 lshaped-boltless-rack Single Metal Boltless Rack
Lshaped boltless rack
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