Selective Pallet Racks

Selective Pallet Racks System is one of the most simple and popular storage systems we provide. It provides 100-percent accessibility and ensures smooth, practically obstacles-free and faultless stock rotation. In addition to that, it comes with great flexibility being fully adjustable and easily installed. Equipment and capital investment for this selective racking system is also the most economical and efficient.

We offers a full range of compatible accessories for various pallet types, sizes and weights for the system. Safety or rack protection accessories such as corner guards, column protectors, bollards, frame protectors, back mesh cladding, pallet back stops are available in order to enhance the safety features of the storage system.

 pallet-racks Selective Pallet Racks

Pallet rackings system is a heavy duty storage rack that has payload to 1300-4800kg cargo weight per tier.
Apply commonly for palletised goods to easy loading and retrieving.
Systems has versatile usage and various functionality like double-deep / drive in racking/ cantilever racks / Rack-supported mezzanine systems
Suitable for factory/industrial usage , forklift/reach truck operated warehouses.

Panel: Plywood. 18mm thickness. (Optional)
Upright Dimensions: 90x70x 1.6mm thickness. Drilling and base-plate levelling is required.
Box Beam Dimensions: 3 types of box beam available (please see loading chart for details).
Commonly used is 100x50x 1.6mm thickness. Adjustable, double craw hook to upright with locking pins.

Length Available: 2100mm / 2400mm / 2700mm / 3000mm / 3300mm / 3600mm / 3900mm / 4200mm / 4500mm

 pallet-rack-loading-weight Selective Pallet Racks

Do also see for SOHO Industrial Racks or Longspan Racks.

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