Lshape /Ushape Shelving Gallery

 Lshape-full-metal-shelving-series1 Lshape /Ushape Shelving Gallery

Shelving Gallery (L-Shaped Full Metal Shelving)

Lshape shelving systems mainly boltless structured and without the obstruction pole at the adjacent corners. This offer clients a bigger space coverage on two sides of the wall. We have various different sizings to maximise the stretch of shelving which provide more optimised space usage. Lshape racks are designed with the removal of the centre obstruction pole without compromising the strength of the shelving structure.. Its definitely a good storage solutions with more easy access to the space created. Metal Shelving panels or Wood panels to select from depending the usage and budget. Each Interval height of the shelving can be adjusted according to different load sizes. Ushaped shelving are also very commonly requested to cover three sides of the storeroom walls, it is perfect solution to clients with bulk of items to be thrown inside the storeroom. Lets get more organised today with our best storeroom racks!
 LS-Metal-No-obstruct-to-Powerbox Lshape /Ushape Shelving Gallery
Lshape shelving – Bypass powerbox
 LS-shelving1-Minton-225x300 Lshape /Ushape Shelving Gallery
Lshape shelving 4×3 tiers
 LS-shelving-Minton1-225x300 Lshape /Ushape Shelving Gallery
Lshape shelving
 Lshape-4x3-tiers-169x300 Lshape /Ushape Shelving Gallery
Lshape shelving and accomodate folded mahjong table
 Lshape-full-metal-shelving-series-225x300 Lshape /Ushape Shelving Gallery
 Lshape-Bicycle-Rack-225x300 Lshape /Ushape Shelving Gallery
Lshape shelving with bicycle underneath
 LS-Coronation-Road-225x300 Lshape /Ushape Shelving Gallery
Lshape shelving with luggages underneath
 Lshape-Austville-225x300 Lshape /Ushape Shelving Gallery
Get organised with Lshaped racks
 Lshape-shelf-with-cabinet-under-225x300 Lshape /Ushape Shelving Gallery
Lshape racks with cabinet under
 ushape-shelf-1-225x300 Lshape /Ushape Shelving Gallery
Ushaped Racks for bombshelter
 ushape-rackings-300x225 Lshape /Ushape Shelving Gallery
Two sets of Ushape Shelving
 Ushape-metal-169x300 Lshape /Ushape Shelving Gallery
Ushape Racks (no centre pole)
 black-lshape-boltless-rack Lshape /Ushape Shelving Gallery
 boltless-metal-racks Lshape /Ushape Shelving Gallery
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