What are Boltless racks

Boltless racking or boltless shelving is a type of storage solution that is easy to install. It is ideal for businesses with a garage or warehouse to easily install products, gear, or tools. Installation of boltless racks is easy as compared to other types of shelving. This type of storage solution comes in many sizes and design to choose from. If you are a first-time buyer, you may get confused as to which one will work best for your needs. Don’t fret. This guide is exactly what you need to expand your understanding.

Why do you need boltless racking?

Without using a proper shelving in your warehouse, it can quickly look disorganized. This could make it hard for your business to do inventory. Good thing, with the right type of shelving you can get organized. Take boltless racking for example. It allows you to display your commonly picked items or best seller ones in a way that will make it easy for you to pinpoint where they are and even identify overstock.

Racking makes your warehouse organization more profitable in a way that you are able to maximize the space all while spending a minimum amount for the tools. No need to worry about costly warehouse relocation or expansion.

If your concern is the width of the warehouse, you can always use this stacking strategy to store your inventory vertically. This way, you can dramatically increase the size of the place, as well as the use of your warehouse. Another reason to use this is if you are planning to have more products for your business, especially if you are expecting increased sales due to a holiday. With boltless racking, your business’ operation can propel to new heights.

Boltless Racking for Different Types of Businesses

Boltless Racking is a top option for warehouse owners and renters who want a solution that is easy to assemble and stable.

Whether you only need a long term solution or a quick stopgap fix, it’s a great idea when you want a light-duty option. The boltless racking should arrive in a compact bundle. You will need tools to affix the unit together but it wouldn’t be as complicated as one would think.

Depending on what type of use and application you need, there are 2 different types of boltless racking that can help meet your needs. The first one is long span racking and the second one is regular industrial boltless racking. For long span, it is typically a bit more rugged looking, and it features higher weight capacities as well as longer span shelves. As for the regular boltless shelving, this one has lower capacities. It also doesn’t have the size advantage as compared to what long span boltless does. Both types are a more efficient and durable solution than any traditional metal shelving.

If you need boltless racking solution for your business, be sure to contact us. We also have a wide selection of home storage solutions that will suit your needs. Lshape Shelving Or Platform Storage Bed Rack are valued added option.

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