Residential Racks

Space is never enough for residential homes. Stuffs are getting more and more as years goes by, and cluttering is always the case. It can be a tough task to retrieve items when you need them at times, hence its always a good habit to get things more organised. Boltless rack is an incredible item for home storage capacity of assorted types. It can be quickly and easily setup to maximize the use of your vertical space. Instead of stacking your stuffs, let our shelving do the job.

In Sgshelving, we have several boltless racks designed for your home, in a glance we have Lshape / Ushape series,  even relatively low cost wood panels series.

We always have storage solutions to turn your messy area. We build storage racks that magically keep your items well-placed and intact. Clear your store and create more storage space and walkway now!

Single metal rack
ECON Single Rack
metal rack with drawers
Metal Rack with Drawers
Home Workdesk
Home WorkDesk Series
concealed hole boltless rack
Concealed Hole Rack
Platform Storage Bed
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