1) Are the shelving and racking made of stainless steel?
-> No. Material used is galvanised steel and epoxy powder-coated for scratch-proof and rust-resistant.

2) Where are they manufactured in?
-> Boltless rack – European design, manufactured in Malaysia.
-> Our supplier also supplies racking and shelving to many other countries in Europe and America.

3) Will the metal structure rust?
-> With proper handling and maintenance, the rackings, shelving will not rust.
-> The racking and shelving are not made of stainless steel. Hence, it will rust if the surface coating is being damaged by deep cuts, scratches, dents from knocks.

4) What racking/shelving is suitable for residential/commercial?
-> Both Boltless shelving and L-Shaped racks series are suitable for residential/commercial usage, depending on the space and requirements.. Our products are classified according to the different weight capacity.

5) Can each decking really withstand the weight load as what the UDL stated?
-> Yes. our shelving can withstand the given UDL as long as the weight of the object is being evenly spread out across the decking. At no point of time should the weight of the load be focused at the middle of the decking.

6) Is there any drilling required?
->No requirement on this as the shelves are boltless and sturdy enough to stand on the ground. Do note it is not allowed for drilling onto HDB bombshelter.

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