Container Trolley

Mobile Container Trolley (Dual side) makes workplace easier and keeping small work parts accessories organised.

Container trolley (boltless) comes with Top Platform and 4 x 4″ Swivel castor wheels (2 brakes) container-trolley-with-wheels Container Trolley

 container-trolley Container Trolley
 container-trolley-with-top-platform Container Trolley


Size (mm): 950L x 470D x 1300H x 7 Tiers
Load approximate 250kg

Come with
Top Platform and 4 x 4″ Swivel Wheels (2 brakes)
48pc of Small Containers (Toyogo 120L x 190D)
30pc of Big Containers (Toyogo 160L x 230D)

Optional Add-on:
1) Length: 1050mm or 1220mm
2) Height: 1400mm x 8 tiers / 1500mm x 9 tiers

*Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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