Single Rack (Wood) with Drawers – White Color



Boltless Wood Panels Racks (with drawers)

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Buy Standalone Boltless Rack with pull-out Drawers 

Maximize the space of your shelving with Pull-out drawers. Storage of small cluttered items can never be more easier and organised. Highly recommended by clients as we are the only supplier in Singapore to be able to create this functions for Boltless racks.


White color available.
See also multi-purpose 2-1 White Rack


Single Boltless Racks.
Easy to Setup. Ivory White Color with epoxy coating
Wood panels to Hold 200kg/UDL Load

Special design brackets to hold Toyogo containers as drawers
For shelf depth of 305mm – Drawer size 390L x 290D
For shelf depth 460mm – Drawer size 340L x 420D
For shelf depth 610mm – Drawer size 400L x 560D

See also Single Metal Rack available

Additional information

Length x Depth (in mm)

910L x 305D + 2 Drawers, 910L x 460D + 2 Drawers, 910L x 610D + 2 Drawers, 1050L x 305D + 2 Drawers, 1050L x 460D + 2 Drawers, 1050L x 610D + 2 Drawers, 1220L x 305D + 2 Drawers, 1220L x 460D + 3 Drawers, 1220L x 610D + 2 Drawers, 1350L x 305D + 3 Drawers, 1350L x 460D + 3 Drawers, 1350L x 610D + 3 Drawers, 1520L x 305D + 3 Drawers, 1520L x 460D + 4 Drawers, 1520L x 610D + 3 Drawers, 1650L x 305D + 3 Drawers, 1650L x 460D + 4 Drawers, 1650L x 610D + 3 Drawers, 1830L x 305D + 4 Drawers, 1830L x 460D + 5 Drawers, 1830L x 610D + 4 Drawers

Height x Panels

1840/2140mm x 4 Panels, 2440mm x 5 Panels

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